Advanced EFA/EFP/EIP/EIP FA Course

Advanced Tecniques for Portfolio Management with Certificates  -  EFA/EFP/EIP/EIP CF (4 hours/credits)

Teachers: Pierpaolo Scandurra e Giovanna Zanotti

  • Flexible, investment certificates to get an efficent management
  • The value of options as comparative measure
  • life residual analisys – knowing and analize the volatility
  • Time is precious – theta analisys
  • Dividend yield and right buffer
  • Barrier and basket option – how best ideas grow up
  • The correlation – guidelines for multi underlines certificates analisys
  • Exotic options – from PDO to Lock In, where we can find them
  • Fiscal efficency of certificates: focus about facilitated fiscality for certificates and the interpretation on periodic coupons
  • Switch to recovery: customized solutions to recover stock losses
  • Behavioral finance as guideline to choose the most efficent certificate
  • How build a portfolio with a constant yield
  • Portfolio strategy, i.e. how optimize the return lowering the risk
  • how to optimize a bond portfolio using conditional capital protected certificates