Annual ACEPI Conference - 2020. The year of changes. The opportunities and the challenges for the market of certificates.

The annual ACEPI conference, this year full digital, was focused on certificates and how the industry has faced and is reacting to the changes taking place also following the health emergency. The conference aims to be a meeting point between issuers, distributors and financial consultants in which to examine the opportunities and prospects for evolution in the markets, the challenges and difficulties present in the various areas of production, distribution and consulting.

The event included two sessions. The morning session was reserved for an institutional audience, with the aim of analyzing the state of the market, the reasons for the growing appreciation of certificates detected in recent years, the barriers to be overcome and the conditions for organic growth.

In the ACEPI Talks "Transparency of financial markets and investor confidence" during the morning session for institutions, Consob illustrated the ways in which transparency has been implemented in the negotiation of certificates in the Italian and European financial markets and how it has been addressed in MiFiD review projects. Another topic of interest for industry players was the cost of market data and the related dataquality for market transparency.
Borsa Italiana illustrated the strategies for the development of Italian markets as part of certificates in the light of European regulatory developments, comparing the Italian market with other European markets.

The afternoon session had a purely informative slant, dedicated to financial advisors and accredited by EFPA Italia for maintaining the EFA, EFP, EIP and EIP CF certification (2 credits).

Download the agenda. The slides are downloadable below.

Full report is accessible at this page.



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