EFPA Course Use of certificates in portfolios on advisory - Use cases - EFA/EFP/EIP/EIP CF

 Use of certificates in portfolios on advisory - Use cases

Credited by EFPA for EFA/EFP/EIP/EIP CF levels (3 hours/credits)

Teachers: Pierpaolo Scandurra e Giovanna Zanotti

Construction of coupon portfolios
  • Criteria for choosing certificates
  • Volatility and correlation for the construction of an asset allocation
  • How to estimate the coupon flow of a portfolio
  • Tax efficiency as a lever for optimizing returns
  • Trade off risk return, how to find the right balance
How to restructure a loss-making portfolio
  • The switch to recovery, definition and methods of application
  • Recover losing equity positions with certificates
  • Criteria and rules for actively managing non-performing positions on certificates
  • How to improve the risk / return profile of a stock
  • Revitalize the portfolio with the right strategies