The following section describes the terms regulating the treatment of personal data provided by users to enter specific areas while consulting ACEPI’s website.

Information here provided are consistent with the regulations set by the Italian Authority (art. 13 D. Lgs. 196 30/06/2003 – “Privacy Code”). ACEPI’s data treatment only involves data which have been directly collected among the website’s users. Such treatment may regard common personal data (like name, telephone number, e-mail address, home address, occupation, date of birth, etc.). The treatment does not include sensitive data and/or legal data. Visiting this website does not involve any treatment of the users’ data. Provided data will be used for the following purposes:

  • Sending of informative material (either via physical or electronic means), invitations to events promoted by ACEPI, brochures, advertisement for activities and events inherent to the Association’s activity;
  • Collection and storage of users data linked to or useful to proceed to the realization of the operations described above
  • Implementation of the rules set by the Italian and European Authorities. Treatment of data consists in the set of operations described by the law (art. 4.1.A, D. Lgs. 196, 30/06/2003). The treatment of data will involve both physical and electronic tools, and will be carried out by ACEPI’s website’s owner, administrator, or collaborators, that is, the agents who are given the responsibility to treat such data, and who have the right to collect the users’ personal data in order to fulfill all tasks related to the purposes described above.

Personal data collected by ACEPI will never be published. Such data are used with the sole purpose of providing services and, depending on the case, may be shared with third parties serving as ACEPI’s advisors or providers, limited to what needed to complete their tasks and, in any case, only if necessary.

Users can always claim their rights, as stated by the Authority in art. 7 D. Lgs. 196, 30/06/2003:

i) Users can always ask for (and must obtain) information regarding the existence of their personal data, even if not stored yet. ACEPI must provide such users all available relevant information in a clear form

ii) Users can always ask ACEPI to provide information about:

  • the origins of data
  • the purpose of data collection and treatment
  • the subjects or categories of subjects data may be shared with, the subjects responsible for the treatment of data
  • the procedures involved in the treatment of data with electronic tools

iii) Users can always ask ACEPI to delete, make anonymous or block the treatment of their data, if such treatment does not conform to the rules set by the Authority. Users can ask ACEPI to carry out such operations on both permanent data and temporary data (that is, those whose storage is not needed in order to pursue the purposes they were collected and treated for)

iv) Users can always ask ACEPI to update, edit, or integrate their data

v) Users can always oppose the treatment of their data, even when collected for proper purposes, if legitimate reasons hold

These rights can be exercised by sending a recorded delivery letter to ACEPI’s headquarters, or via fax +39 02.700.525.766, or via e-mail to



The owner of the treatment of data is ACEPI – Associazione Italiana Certificati e Prodotti di Investimento, via Mascheroni 5 – 20123 Milano.


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By visiting ACEPI’s website users accept all terms and conditions here presented. When not specified, all texts, images, pictures, or any other graphic content in this website are property of ACEPI or ACEPI’s assignors. It is thus forbidden to use, copy, edit, publish, transfer, upload or share, integrally or partially, any content found on this website, without ACEPI’s written consent.

ACEPI allows to store or print extracts of webpages solely for personal use. Any different and unauthorized use of contents, names, or trademarks found on this website is forbidden and will be punished according to current legal rules.


Although information and data concerning ACEPI’s partners presented in this website have been collected with reasonable accuracy, ACEPI does not guarantee their correctness, completeness, or usefulness. In addition, ACEPI will not be responsible for the use of incorrect, incomplete or out-to-date data by this website’s users.


ACEPI holds no responsibility about the content of any website that can be reached through this website or through which it is possible to enter this website.