giovanna_zanotti.jpgGiovanna Zanotti - Scientific Director
Giovanna Zanotti is graduated in Economic and Social Sciences and she has got a Phd in Economics and Management at Università Bocconi. She is Associate Professor of  Financial Intermediaries at Università degli Studi of Bergamo where she is responsible of the MS courses Management Finance and International Business and Risk Management with Derivatives and International FInancial System and Management. She is SDA Bocconi Professor in Banking and Insurance and coordinates the course Structured Products: Risks, Rewards and valuation. She is Scientific Director in ACEPI.
 marcobrera_104x128.jpgMarco Brera - Operation Officer
Graduted in Electronic Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, initially got deep experience in biomedical electonic projecting, therefore to increase his knowledge in system modelling and system dimanics for optimization of business and industrial processes. Eclectic, he is advisor of associations and business companies in financial, medical and social markets, and collaborates with research centres for web portals and software web-based for industrial processes control. Deep managerial, organizative and IT knowledges, he worked with several companies, and he is a journalist registred at Journalist registration Board of Milan. He works for AIPB since 2005, where is COO, coordinator of activities, relationship with members, administration and IT and he is the publishing manager of "AIPB Editrice" publishing company. He collaborates with ACEPI since its foundation dated December 2006, as operation officer. He coodinates the projecting, developing and realization of associative activities, organization, administration and IT.