CFA/EFPA (EFA/EFP/EIP) Course - Use of Certificates in Advisory Portfolios - Use Cases

 Use of Certificates in Advisory Portfolios - Use Cases  --- REGISTRATION

Accredited for maintaining EFPA Level EFA/EFP/EIP certification (3 hours/credits)
Accredited CFA Society Italy* for 3 credits
Teachers: Pierpaolo Scandurra and Giovanna Zanotti

Construction of coupon portfolios
  • Criteria for choosing certificates
  • Volatility and correlation for the construction of an asset allocation
  • How to estimate the coupon flow of a portfolio
  • Tax efficiency as a lever for optimizing returns
  • Trade off risk return, how to find the right balance
How to restructure a loss-making portfolio
  • The switch to recovery, definition and methods of application
  • Recover losing equity positions with certificates
  • Criteria and rules for actively managing non-performing positions on certificates
  • How to improve the risk / return profile of a stock
  • Revitalize the portfolio with the right strategies
*CFA Society Italy has determined that this program qualifies for PL credit hour(s) under the guidelines of the CFA Institute Professional Learning program. If you are a CFA Institute member, you can self report PL credit(s) for your participation accessing the PL tracking tool through your account on the CFA Institute website. One credit hour is equal to one hour (60 minutes) of educational activity.