Leonteq Securities


IssuerLeonteq Securities AG
Address in ItalyVia Verziere, 11, 20122 Milan - Italy
Telephone number+39 02 8984 9400
Direct Listing Person in chargeMarco Occhetti

Leonteq Securitities AG is a Swiss company operating in the financial and technological sectors, with headquarters in Zurich and more than 500 employees in 13 offices located between Asia and Europe. Founded in 2007 and listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange since 2012, Leonteq is rated investment grade (BBB with stable outlook) by the agency Fitch Ratings.

The core business of Leonteq is focused on structuring and issuing cross-asset investment solutions. By combining advanced pricing systems with a wide choice of issuing partners and a broad universe of underlyings, Leonteq’s technological platform is unique in its kind and allows for the creation of innovative and highly customised investment products.

Leonteq operates in Italy since 2016: as of today its offer consists of a wide range of more than 900 certificates listed on SeDeX, EuroTLX and Hi-Cert. At the moment the issuers available in Italy on the platform are Leonteq (also collateralized, i.e. Leonteq TCM) and EFG International.

To know more about Leonteq’s offering, please visit the website https://certificati.leonteq.com. To receive updates on Leonteq’s news it is possible to subscribe to the newsletter, at the following link: https://certificati.leonteq.com/subscribe.