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Company nameAIPB - Associazione Italiana Private Banking
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AIPB (Associazione Italiana Private Banking – Italian Private Banking Association) was founded in June 2004 with the contributions of Università Cattolica and a number of Italian private banks, among the most prestigious ones in the industry. AIPB is a non-profit association of professionals cooperating with the purpose to promote opportunities to meet, share and discuss the business culture of private banking, with benefits for all the stakeholders of the Italian private banking scene.

AIPB’s partners are companies operating in the Italian private banking sector: private banks, SIM, asset managers and SGR, insurance companies, independent advisors and consulting firms, providers of support services. AIPB’s core members can be identified in private banks and SIMs, that is, those institutions employing personal advisors responsible for the relations with each client Private and their specific investment needs.

Apart from banks and SIMs, AIPB’s membership is extended also to subjects lacking direct interaction with retail clients, like asset managers, SGRs, and insurance companies, as long as their operations can be classified among those characterizing the industry. In addition, consulting firms and independent advisors can become members of the association as long as they provide their clients with services involving analysis and strategical advisory comparable to those characterizing the private banking sector. The independent advisors involved can be identified as those providing their clients with specialized support in analyzing and implementing optimal solutions in the legal and fiscal fields.

Support services firms in AIPB play an important role as they share their technical expertise with the other members so as to improve the general knowledge in the private banking industry.


AIPB’s purpose is to promote the development of private banking in Italy through a variety of activities:

Strategic activities:

  • analysis of the knowledge and understanding of private banking among the target clients
  • analysis of the evolution of manifest and hidden needs among all the stakeholders of the industry>

Organizational activities:

  • review of the current industry scenario to highlight the areas with the highest potential of growth
  • analysis of the market’s features in terms of wealth distribution, business models and supply, with the aim to provide useful elements to base investment and growth plans on

Educational activities:

  • design and implementation of formative projects and conventions, in order to provide the industry operators with up-to-date information and competences

Cultural activities:

  • AIPB provides information for the development of the knowledge and the awareness of the target clients, with the purpose of improving the competences of the public and making them able to recognize the added value in private banking services.

Institutional activities:

  • participation to meetings promoted by Regulatory Bodies, with the aim to advocate the rights and peculiarities of private banking services, as compared to the alternative services available in the market.


Building on the experience of private banking professionals and the expertise of its collaborators, AIPB realizes a number of activities benefitting its partners and the Italian private banking industry:

  • Research and surveys AIPB, on-demand research, customized focuses
  • Events and workshop
  • Press
  • Newsletters
  • Public relations
  • Fiscal and legal reviews
  • Educational activities