Banco BPM


IssuerBanco BPM
AddressPiazza Filippo Meda, 4  - 20121 Milan - Italy
Telephone number+39 02 77001
Person in chargeAlessandro Garufi

Banco BPM, the third Italian credit group for assets, is a reality with 20 thousand employees, over 1400 branches, about 4 million customers and a presence rooted in the regions of Northern Italy, among the highest industrial concentration in Europe.

Banco BPM is active in various areas of the banking sector - private and investment banking, asset management, bancassurance - also through the Group’s subsidiaries. This operational breadth is expressed through a widespread network at the service of families and businesses, a deep knowledge of the market and the availability of innovative solutions for all areas of savings, credit and investment.

Banco BPM’s business model is based on the centrality, competence and professionalism of its people, constantly enhanced by continuous training.

The Group operates in the tradition of popular banks, generating profitability for its shareholders and creating value for all stakeholders in the territories in which it is present, so as to play a leading role in the sustainable and inclusive development of the country.

Gruppo Banco BPM has been active in the Certificates market since 2006. Banco BPM currently offers and issues a wide variety of Certificates that are characterized by different risk/return profiles with the aim of meeting different investment and hedging needs and guarantees liquidity through their listing on the systems multilateral trading Euro-USTLX and Vorvel.