Formazione Online - libro AIPB/ACEPI in omaggio.

You have already attended ACEPI courses and are satisfied ? ACEPI has decided to reward all those who in 2021 will advise and make enroll in ACEPI COURSES at least 10 financial advisors. The book AIPB/ACEPI's book  will be sent to you free of charge.

It is sufficient to invite your colleagues, consultants or private bankers, when registering with the online form, to indicate your Surname and First Name in the "Reference" field. Upon reaching 10 subscribers with your reference you will be contacted by the secretary and you will receive the latest text written by ACEPI with AIPB, published in November 2019,  I certificati nell'asset allocation della clientela private (The certificates in the asset allocation of private clients), an operating manual that exemplifies the use of payoffs present in the ACEPI Map.

To make it easier you can click here and an example of automatic email will open to report the courses to your professional colleagues.

Hurry up. We only have 100 copies. What are you waiting for ?

AACEPI collaborates with the HR of banks and familiyoffices for the organization of customized sessions on training needs. Please contact the ACEPI Secretary for this purpose.

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