ITFORUM Online Week - Certificates: protection and yield ​ (with coupons, too)

ACEPI attended on

form 2:30 PM to 3:20

inside ITFORUM ONLINE WEEK, one-week dedicade to trading and investments, transmitted online (BFC, CANALE 511 DI SKY) with the educational speech:

Certificates: protection and yield (with coupons, too)

with  Giovanna Zanotti as speaker. Slides can be downloaded via the link below.

In a zero-rate market, the search for yield and protection seems impossible, when antipodal variables are difficult to couple in the construction of any financial instrument. Not for the DNA of the certificates, an asset class with a growing market to reconcile in various investment structures the possibility of growth of value and the safeguarding of your investment. It will be illustrated by the Scientific Director of the Association, with an introduction to the world of certificates, with an illustration of the most common payoffs to provide protection and returns even periodic.  protection and even periodic returns. 


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